The purchasing and sales policy of VS Rubber Recycling focuses on flow and versatility. Large companies supply us with their rubber waste. This way we can guarantee a continuous product flow. We are also a partner for small and medium-sized rubber processing companies. We are persuading more and more buyers in the rubber processing industries around the world that their rubber waste represents an economic value.

We are always looking for raw materials

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Is continuously looking for rubber raw materials such as: tire remover powder, used tires, off grade tire compound and other rubber waste. If you can offer these materials, we are always interested in discussing the possibilities for cooperation.

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Has trucks for “own transport” and 20m3 containers that can be placed on site, if desired we can support your logistical issues. For further information, please contact us.

What are we interested in:

Rough powder of the tire renewal process

Our specialization is the recycling of the raw powder of the tire renewal process. Therefore, we have a continuous need for the raw powder. If you are looking for a reliable relationship for the reduction of your raw powder throughout the year, please contact us.

Inner tires

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Is also your partner in the recycling of used tires. The use of the inner tire has been reduced but internal tires are still released from trucks, agricultural equipment and cars. If you can offer tires please contact us.

“Off Grade” Rubber compounds / mixtures

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Is also interested in off grade rubber compounds / mixtures. If you can offer rubber blends please contact us. We have a broad experience in this area.

Other rubber waste

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Also has the possibility of processing other rubber waste. We can not process rubber waste if there is a reinforcement of e.g. Textile or iron in the seat. If this is not the case, you can contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What are we NOT interested in:

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. Is not a collection company and processor of outdoor tires. If you want to offer car tires please do not hesitate to contact us but with the specialized companies.

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