After it arrives at our factory the rubber waste is machine-processed. A conveyor belt transports the fibres into huge sieves. These first sort the rubber fibres into various sizes, then a further process purifies the fibres, removing the unusable waste. Only then is this raw material suitable as a semi-manufactured product for items requiring impact-absorbant functionality. The pure rubber fibres are used in sports surfaces, safety tiles and other products.

Type 20,70 mm– 2,0 mm
Type 2 Grof1,15 mm– 2,5 mm
Type 32,00 mm– 5,0 mm
Type 45,00 mm– 8,0 mm
Type 5 (Mulch)8,00 mm
Fasern-Granulat1,00 mm– 4,0 mm

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4/5


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