About VS Rubber Recycling B.V.

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. recycles and processes rubber from the tire renewal industry. We make usable semi-finished products from unsuitable rubber waste. 99.99% of the waste will be returned to the production process. The company conquered a unique position in the rubber processing industries in 70 years. In the meantime, we are normative and, moreover, one of the largest parties in this specific sector.

More than 70 years of experience

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. originated from Jakobs Rubber Recycling B.V., founded in 1947. In 1971 the company moved from Eindhoven to Nijnsel. In June 2014 the factory in Nijnsel became too small and as a result the company moved to a hypermodern business premises in Venlo. Moreover, the company name of Jakobs Rubber Recycling B.V. in US Rubber Recycling B.V.


Since the end of 2005 3R Belgium has been part of VS Rubber Recycling. 3R Belgium processes vulcanized technical rubber residues into granules and powder. This is used for the manufacture of, among other things, sports floors, insulation materials and safety tiles. In 2009, US Rubber Inc. added in America. VS Rubber Inc. perform exactly the same recycling activities as VS Rubber Recycling in Venlo. Although the activities differ per company and country, the passion is exactly the same. Recycling rubber in a way that perfectly serves the supply and demand side and brings it into balance. In the meantime, a powerful group has emerged with a unique position on the market.

Het nieuwe bedrijfspand van VS Rubber Recycling B.V. in Venlo
Het nieuwe bedrijfspand van VS Rubber Recycling B.V. in Venlo
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