VS Rubber Recycling B.V. ruim 70 jaar ervaring

More than 70 years of experience

VS Rubber Recycling B.V. recycles and processes rubber from the tire renewal industry. From unsuitable rubber waste we make a usable semi-finished product, in which 99.99% of the waste is brought back into the production process. With this, the company has conquered a unique position in the rubber processing industries in 70 years. And now we are setting standards and one of the largest parties in this specific sector.

Het inkoopproces van VS Rubbery Recyling B.V.


The purchasing and sales policy of VS Rubber Recycling B.V. focuses on flow and versatility. To guarantee a continuous product flow, large companies deliver rubber waste to our company. We are also a partner for small and medium-sized rubber processing companies. We are persuading more and more buyers in the rubber processing industries around the world that their rubber waste represents an economic value.

Het productieproces van VS Rubber Recycling B.V.

Rubber waste

During the production process of VS Rubber Recycling BV, (unsuitable) rubber waste is converted into a usable semi-finished product. All industrial process treatments required to put rubber residues as semi-finished products back into the market in a final product are with VS Rubber Recycling B.V. present. We process approximately 350 to 400 tonnes per week and ultimately only have 4 cubic meters of non-recyclable waste. This means that almost 100% waste rubber is brought back into the production process.

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