During the production process, (unsuitable) rubber waste is converted into a usable semi-finished product. All necessary actions to bring rubber residues back to the market as semi-finished products are available. We process about 350 to 400 tons per week. In doing so, we ultimately only have 4 m2 of non-recyclable waste. This means that almost 100% waste rubber is returned to the production process.

From rubber to semi-finished product

In every production process where recycled material is used, contamination of the materials is a problem. VS Rubber has a unique production process to remove dirt, metal, stones and other faulty fibers from the rubber waste. First of all, the rubber remains are sorted by size by enormous sieves. After this they are purified from unusable substances and ground into semi-finished products. All our products are 99.99% pure after they have undergone the unique VS Rubber preparation and cleaning process. After this process, the products are packed in big bags or as bulk and are ready for distribution.

Rubber elastics

We manufacture flat rubber elastics from our stock of selected inner tubes. In this way we provide sailmakers, transport entrepreneurs and logistics service providers with rubber elastics to stretch cargo and sails. The straps are available in different sizes and are suitable for various applications. If you need a precise size, please contact us.

Quality and sustainability

We strive for an environmentally friendly, cleaned and screened product that is ready for production.

In all phases of the recycling process, VS Rubber Recycling monitors the guaranteed quality of the rubber semi-finished product. For example, we supply closed collection containers to the tire innovators. This makes it possible to create a cleaner collection process even during the very first phase of the collection of residual rubber. Immediately after arrival, the moisture percentage of the rubber waste is checked. Based on this, we make sieve analyzes. Several control moments also take place during the production process.

Productieproces VS Rubber Recycling B.V.


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