From rubber waste to semi-finished product

Rubber has unique physical and chemical properties, making it a versatile material in many industries, for many applications. VS Rubber Recycling has been recycling rubber waste and processing it into usable raw materials for over 75 years. We circulate all the goodness of rubber for new applications around the world.

Recycling is in our nature.

Long before circularity and sustainability became the norm, VS Rubber Recycling was operating green. The word “recycling” didn’t even exist yet. Ever since 1947, we have been giving tens of millions of pounds of rubber waste a second life every year, and to this day our focus is 100% on recycling and reducing our own footprint.

Our story

This is how we recycle rubber waste

VS Rubber Recycling processes approximately 800 tons of rubber waste per week. With our unique manufacturing process, we convert 99.99% of the waste into usable raw materials.

Our production process

Over 75 years of experience in rubber recycling

VS Rubber Recycling has been recycling and processing rubber from the tire retreading industry from unsuitable rubber waste to usable raw materials since 1947. As a close-knit family business, we have grown healthy overtime and work internationally for major customer from Europe and North America.

About us

Corporate social responsibility

ISO 9001
Quality management in practice
1,000+ solar panels
Average of 200,000 kWh per year
Recognized learning company
Building a smart generation
Economical fleet
Driving on 100% Bio Diesel
Circulating rubber waste
Fully circular


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