Purchasing of rubber

VS Rubber Recycling returns economic value to rubber waste. We purchase various types of rubber raw materials from large companies, ensuring a constant flow of rubber products to small and medium-sized rubber processing plants and end customers.

This is how we recycle rubber waste

VS Rubber Recycling does not collect and process tyres and conveyor belts, so we are not interested in these two streams.

Our production process

Over 75 years of experience in rubber processing

VS Rubber Recycling has been recycling and processing rubber from the tyre retreading industry from unsuitable rubber waste to usable raw materials since 1947. As a close-knit family business, we have grown healthy and work internationally for major customers from Europe and North America.

About us

Conditions for procurement

Minimum 24 tonnes
Vulcanised and free of metal and textile reinforcement

Offering rubber?

We are interested in large flows of rubber waste (minimum 24 tonnes) suitable for recycling in our production process. We provide smooth transport with our own trucks for ‘own transport’ and with 20 m3 containers on site.

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