Technical rubber granulates

VS Rubber Recycling processes various clean types of production waste into rubber granules. These rubber granules are suitable in many applications, due to their versatility and durability. Such as in sports and playing fields, thermal flooring and sound insulation material.

VS Rubber Recycling processes almost all types of technical rubber waste, as long as the rubber is vulcanised and does not contain textile and/or metal reinforcement.
This creates high-quality technical rubber granulate, ready for application in your process.


Anti-slip mats
Butyl Granulate
0.00 - 6.00mm
Thermal floor insulation
MIX Granules
0.00 - 6.00mm
EPDM Granulate
0.00 - 6.00mm

Packaging / delivery

Choose your way of packaging. We can offer our material in Big Bags, PE or EVA bags, or bulk.


Thermal floors
Anti-slip mats
Outdoor playgrounds